• 8Kaijuu,  Kaiju No. 8,  怪獣8号

    Kaiju No. 8


    this manga was so good, i hope this gonna be continue

     - By Anonymous

  • Shame Application; Dirty Vibration



    I really like the scene where Yeong requested Nohae to take pictures of him with the lambo HAHAHA while Nohae was having an internal conflict with his feelings for Yeong, he was taking pictures with so much1 vigor <3 cutiee

     - By Anonymous

  • Yeolgwang,  열광



    Ooohhhhhh my god , i didn't know it released Oh my god i'm totally excited for brothers without tomorrow new manhwa Ooooohhhhh thank you so much for your hard working as long as i am really big fan of brothers without tomorrow i really appreciate your hard workingg Waiting for new updates ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡

     - By ATF

  • Oni to x no Hanashi; The Story of an Oni and... 鬼と×の話

    The Story Of An Ogre And...


    That hurt man

     - By NightlyMuse




    No they still doing them, they are on mangadex since it’s a different translation team. Hot Chocolate Scans doesn’t do them but Hybridgumi scanlations dose do them. And mangaowl only seems to be posting who ever finishes first.(this goes for everyone) If you want to see the funny edits check out mangadex, this week includes a jojo reference for the culturally handicap such as I

     - By Anonymous

  • Sun's Blood


    Holy shit you got 100 votes, my god

     - By Anonymous

  • My Boss is Goofy,  My New Boss is a Natural Airhead,  My New Boss is Goofy,  新しい上司はど天然

    Atarashii Joushi wa Dotennen


    pls update more ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆

     - By @Gfanlol

  • Virtue Bestowed by the Villainess ; 악역이 베푸는 미덕

    Virtues Of The Villainess


    seriously lerajie is more to be the vilainess that ginger(#`Д´)!! its annoy me the fact that the vilainess and the protagonist lead trope is put on one character..but still i hope ginger will be smarter..(╯︵╰,) SO NOW IM SO HYPED TO SEE THE ENDING ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆ Hope turns out well or else... JK(#`Д´) (# ̄0 ̄) (@^◡^)

     - By mizuzukii

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